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Elevated Interiors is founded and owned by Skye Young, an accomplished interior designer who specialises in residential interior design. Her studio is located at Coomera Quays. Skye's approach to interior design is visionary, with the ability to make a home a sanctuary.  Skye offers a tailored interior design service to suit the varying needs, parameters and budget of any project. Services include, detailed concept design, surfaces, finishes and fixtures specification, detailed bespoke joinery design, furniture and lighting procurement, customised furniture design and project management. 


Residential Portfolio

Classic modern rustic is the ability to mix different interior styles into one cohesive space. Elevated Interiors pair vintage finds with elegant, classic pieces and modern finishes. These contrasting elements create visual interest and make the space feel curated and lived in. The thoughtful application of muted colour palettes and natural hues adds drama, depth and complexity. The use of different textures makes for a wonderfully layered space that is effortlessly timeless.


Elevated Interiors is about inclusive design. Based on the simple principles that designing must be to the benefit of the widest range of people, in that, designs must be equitable, flexible and maintain an intuitive approach. Interior sustainability meets the needs of the present without compromising future generations. Elevated Interiors is about sustainable interior design, that is environmentally conscious with an emphasis on re-cycling, re-purposing and re-using materials.

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Elevated Interiors collaborate and work closely with clients who are commencing new residential builds,

renovating their existing homes or simply re-styling. 



0410 500 623

19 Skippers Place, Coomera Quays, Qld, 4209

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